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re: "Megapnosaurus" says farewell...

In a message dated Sun, 3 Feb 2002  6:56:07 PM Eastern Standard Time, Michael 
Ivie <mivie@gemini.oscs.montana.edu> writes:

> We actually considered that name (Megaloapnoosaurus), but in its latinized
> form it is not euphonious and would add 2 unneeded and unwelcome
> syllables. 

The -o- of _megalo-_ drops out before the a- of _apnoos_, so it shouldn't be 
there anyway.

The second -o- in the "apnoosaurus" part *is* needed: the root itself contains 
an -o-, and a second -o- is needed as a connector.  The alternative is to 
contract the two o's, yielding "megalapnousaurus", where the -ou- is 
phonetically a long [u].

> dropped the double combining
> vowel because of the change in syllabification it would engender in
> Americanized Pseudolatin pronunciation, i.e. for euphony in the Latinized
> form. 
> Although it would properly be ap-new-saur-us,

Only if it were spelled "apnousaurus".

> which is kind of nice, we
> know it would come out ap-no-oh-saur-us

This is the correct pronunciation if it is spelled with two o's in a row.  I 
don't mind it.

--Nick P.