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Re: "Megapnosaurus" says farewell...

In a message dated 2/3/02 2:09:32 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
longrich@alumni.princeton.edu writes:

<< Gotta go with George- let's take _Coelophysis_ and sink this 
 ugly-ass name. >>

Whoa, there, podnuh! I'm not necessarily advocating suppression of 
Megapnosaurus; I merely note that >if< you want to sink it, your best chance 
is to redescribe the genus Coelophysis so that it encompasses Megapnosaurus 
(which is not a big stretch) and becomes its senior subjective synonym. You'd 
probably sweep up Podokesaurus and Eucoelophysis into the bargain.

And I think this makes seven dino list emails from me for today. More