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"Syntarsus" etc.

In 1860,  T.H. Huxley wrote in Westminster Review: "Extinguished theologians lie about the cradle of every science as the strangled snakes beside that of Hercules". The chest-beating anguish one reads about the preoccupation of Syntarsus is as silly as the endless fractal mirror images erected on this subject during the past 2-3 days. Mike Ivie's well-thought response should be re-studied by all concerned: the original concept of the theropod was Mike Raath's not Fairmaire 1869. What should be discussed are the interrelationships of these early theropods, their ecomorphologies, etc., reproductive strategies, brooding behaviour, etc., viz. their lives. Such a discussion cannot be accomplished when some relish their reification of ignorance of zoology itself (there is a substantial difference between picture books and actually reading words), or wait for the weekly pronouncement from a self-appointed "priest" on! w! ! hat paleontology should actually  consist of.  I am beginning to agree with another Michael, Michael Crichton, that much of cyberia is an electronic billboard. Or, perhaps, one could cite Gershom Scholem: "Philosophy [> chatrooms > lists > sandboxes] is the deliberate misuse of a language specifically designed for that purpose".