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Re: "Megapnosaurus" says farewell...

In a message dated 2/3/02 8:00:00 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
rob@dinodomain.com writes:

<< Now now now...we all here onlist know that I, more than possibly anyone 
 onlist, think that these two genera should be synonymous...but sinking one
 name into another should be based on science, not aesthetics...lets not be
 too hasty here.
 As for _Eucoelophysis_...not all coelophysoids are _Coelophysis_... >>

Oh, but deciding the content of a genus is indeed a matter of aesthetics and 
not science! We all know that Linnaean ranks above species level are all 
arbitrary and subjective, yes? So enlarging a genus to sink an objectionable 
name as a synonym is as good a reason as any for redefining a genus.