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Another really good book on italian dinosaurs

Dear all,
I do not work on dinosaurs (so far), neither I want to make an advertising, but just inform you about available literature that in my humble opinion is worth of investigation:
Some time ago, when I mentioned the the release of a book on Italian dinosaurs by Cristiano dal Sasso. Indeed I should have added that it is not the first comprehensive book on Italian dinosaurs (and related stuff). Another less divulgative, much more professional oriented book has been printed in 2000. It is multi-authored by a lot of Italian contributors each one specialist in his field. The preface is by Martin Lockley.

It has about 500 pp., large format (up to A4 size), hardbound and colour & BW illustrated.
It is less updated than the book by Cristiano (e. g. it lacks the saltriosaur and the complete phytosaur, since the final manuscripts for the book were presumably ready in 1995/96), but it has lots of diagrams and drawings of tracksites, prints, geological sections, plus BW and colour photos of specimens (not only dinosaurs and tracks but also many other Italian mesozoic reptiles - among them a really cool portrait of Megalancosaurus holotype!!), and of outcrops/localities , it goes into geology, sedimentology, palaeoecology, palaeoichnology etc. etc..
Language is Italian troughout the book, but there is an abstract section in English at the end which summarizes the content of each chapter.

If anyone is interested:
edited by G. Leonardi and P. Mietto
publisher: Accademia Editoriale

perhaps informations on price or availability may be found at the publisher site www.accademiaeditoriale.it .

If not,  let me know and I will try to suggest some  author name to ask  about.
All the best,

                                        Silvio Renesto

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