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Philidor wrote:

>Do names really have to wait until evolutionary relationships have been
>established beyond a reasonable doubt?
>If I limit Birds to the feathered, etc. things I can see out my window,
>then I have sacrificed sophistication about evolutionary relationships >for
the simplicity of a stable name.  

You're confusing (perhaps deliberately) vernacular labelling with scientific
nomenclature.  What's good for "birds" or "those flying things that crap on
my car", may not be appropriate for "Aves" or "Neornithes".  

Nick Longrich wrote:

>somehow I doubt that the entomological community would collectively 
>"get a sense of humor and perspective" and find it terribly clever 
>to, say, rename that giant, beautiful metallic blue South American 
>butterfly with the wonderful name _Morpho_ to

Better check that name, Nick. I have a feeling that the name
"_Littlesquishythingyonthebottomofmyshoeus_" may be preoccupied by a genus
of Madagascan cockroach.