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Re: "Megapnosaurus" says farewell...and enter Coelophysis rhodesiensis

Rob wrote:

>Now now now...we all here onlist know that I, more than possibly anyone
>onlist, think that these two genera should be synonymous...but sinking one
>name into another should be based on science, not aesthetics...lets not be
>too hasty here.
>As for _Eucoelophysis_...not all coelophysoids are _Coelophysis_...

After a while unable to send e-mails of any kind, but I did get to follow
this discussion from the web itself and for some reason I think everyone
would be better of if Meganapnosaurus would be sunk. Just face it, nobody
likes the name except for a minority, we still live in a democracy you

Syntarsus and Coelophysis are congeneric, that's something for sure, minor
differences such as the fused tarsus in S. can be overlooked on
species-level, after all, it are the small differences between species that
warrant separation within the genus. A example, take the common housecat,
felis, does anyone have any idea that there are lot more species in the
genus felis than just the housecat? Perhaps in some features Syntarsus is
more derived than Coelophysis, but the same applies to the multiple species
of Allosaurus, everyone calls it Allosaurus, but in that genus we still have
A. fragilis, A. atrox. A. maximus and A. jimmadseni.

Rutger Jansma