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RE: Support for Enigmosauria (apologies to the Bard)

Ken Kinman wrote:

>     I am trying to show that "enigmosauria" could very well be 

"Trying to show"?  I think this is called "A Conclusion in Search of
Supporting Data" - searching all the available data for subsets that
support your hypothesis, and ignoring or rejecting contrary data.  The
Feducciaries are notorious for this.

>This seems like a perfect opportunity to work 
>together and do some real science, and everyone is trying "to boo me
>from the stage".  

Booooooooooooo!!!  Hiiiiiiiiiissssssssssssssss!!   ;-)

I'm hoping that the next Act of "Much Ado About Nothing: Aves and
Apomorphies" features a more convincing plot, and a better performance
from some of the lead characters (including Semilunate Carpal and
Lateral Glenoid).  At the moment, I'm not certain if the story is a
comedy or a tragedy; it has elements of both.