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RE: "Megapnosaurus" says farewell...

<<After a while unable to send e-mails of any kind, but I did get to follow
this discussion from the web itself and for some reason I think everyone
would be better of if Meganapnosaurus would be sunk. Just face it, nobody
likes the name except for a minority, we still live in a democracy you
know...Syntarsus and Coelophysis are congeneric, that's something for sure,
differences such as the fused tarsus in S. can be overlooked on
species-level, after all, it are the small differences between species that
warrant separation within the genus.>>

And you, of course, have looked at all the specimens in person, especially
the variation within the Ghost Ranch specimens, the original Cope material,
Eucoelophysis, and both species of Syntarsus, right?

Randall Irmis