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Chinese Fossil Vertebrates Published

Just to let the list know the answer to a question that I posed a few weeks ago:

Spencer Lucas' new book, _Chinese Fossil Vertebrates_, has been published.  My 
copy arrived today and now I must find time to dive into it.  It's certainly 
not as comprehensive or technical as the excellent _The Age of Dinosaurs in 
Russia and Mongolia_, but, based on my few glances over it, Lucas has done a 
nice job summarizing both the entire known vertebrate fossil record of China 
and the history of vertebrate paleontology in the country.  Unfortunately, 
however, I was made aware of the fact that China preserves no known 
Carboniferous tetrapods (the earliest Chinese tetrapods are Permian).  I did 
not know this sad fact :-(

Ordering information for this book can be found on Columbia University Press's 
website, http://www.columbia.edu/cu/cup

On a better note, however, I see that HP Jim Farlow's Indiana University Press 
series will soon include a book by Jenny Clack on the emergence of tetrapods!  
It looks to be a good year for paleo books.


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