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Re: Dewlap

My understanding is that in extant squamates that have dewlaps, the
dewlap is extended by a movement of the hyoid apparatus.  In most
cases, the small bones of the hyoid appar. bow outward to extend the
dewlap.  The dewlap itself is all soft tissue, there are no bones
running throughout it, it simply erects because of the tension created
by the hyoid appar. and associated musculature.  I don't think these
bones are often fossilized.

--Mike Habib

> In a discussion recently, it was brought to my attention that a
dewlap is a
> flap of skin supported by bone...this raises two questions in my
> 1. What bones support the dewlap?
> 2. Does this mean the impression found with the tyrannosaurid
> last month onlist) is not a true dewlap? Or is there something else?
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