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Re: Correction to RE: Syntarsus says farewell...

Tim Williams wrote-

> Okay, I'll start the ball rolling on a discussion of the reproductive
> strategies and brooding behaviour of early theropods.  All we have for
> Triassic Thereopoda are fossilized bones and footprints from long-dead
> animals (as denoted by the name "Megapnosaurus").  No feathers; no
> squatting in situ on nests; no skeletons preserved _coitus interruptus_ in
> cloacal apposition; no eggs preserved inside oviducts; no DNA (that I know
> of, anyway).  How you can infer *anything* about reproduction and brooding
> behaviour in Triassic theropods is way beyond my comprehension.  Please
> me straight.  Your turn.

Now, now Tim.  You're not being quite fair there.  We ALSO have one species
with good evidence of sexual dimorphism (though which sex corresponds to
which morph is unknown).  And we have evidence of cannibalism of young in
that species (sort of a brooding behavior).  Finally, there's the
phylogenetic bracket between living crocodilians and birds we can depend on
to provide precise data, as the reproductive strategies and brooding
behavior of crocodilians and basal neornithines are so very similar.  Oh
yes, this flood of untapped data will no doubt bring forth a new era of
dinosaurian study, to rival the renaissance of the 1970's.  Hell, why am I
researching coelurosaur phylogeny when I can be examining the courting
behavior of Alwalkeria in their natural habitat?  Off to the field!  ;-)

Mickey Mortimer