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Re: Stego plates

George Olshevsky (Dinogeorge@aol.com) wrote:

<OK, exactly how many >plates< did Stegosaurus armatus have? Can't find a
definite answer in any of my sources without digging though lots of boxes,
even though the Bryan Small specimen preserves them all. Czerkas noted 17,
but this is almost certainly an undercount because it is based on the
outdated single row rather than two alternating rows.>

  Unless someone destroyed them all, there are only a few plates
associated with the type and only specimen of *S. armatus*, which has
never been fullyt compared to the other species (though this is being
corrected presently). This leaves the diagnosis and elementary
distribution to the type, rather than any referred specimen. As it is, it
is unknown which of the four other species of *Stegosaurus* can be truly
*Stegosaurus*, *S. armatus*, or something else entirely. *S. stenops* has
similar plates, so this would be my guess, but *S. ungulatus* has much
smaller and unique armor, but only two pairs of caudal spikes, so it's not
really all that different.

  Read: Carpenter, K. & Galton, P.M. 2001. Othneil Charles Marsh and the
myth of the eight-spiked *Stegosaurus*. pg. 76-102 _in_ Carpenter (ed.)
_The Armored Dinosaurs_ (Indiana University Press [Bloomington])

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