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Agnosphytis Etymology

Food for thought ... nice Greek name, though:

  *Agnosphytis cromhallensis* :: *Agnosphytis* > _agnos-_ (Grk.) unknown,
lacking knowledge of > _a-_ (Grk.) not, without + _gnosein_ (Grk.) to know
+ _phytis_ (Grk.) > _phyte_ (Grk.) plant (or part thereof, as in branch,
stem, etc.). *cromhallensis* > Cromhall (region where the holotype was
discovered) + _-ensis_ (Lat.) masculine locational genitive.
  *Agnosphytis cromhallensis* may be translated as "unknown branch from

  I think the pronounciation goes "AHG-nohs-FYE-tihs" ... but I could be wrong.

Jaime A. Headden

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