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Re: Syntarsus says farewell....

<To those who will miss the name Syntarsus, here are some words of

To those who have HP Glut's fine encyclopedia, to look up Megapnosaurus in
the main volume (D: TE) and the supplement (S2), one will have to look under
the name Syntarsus.  The change in name will not be noted by HP Glut until
the new supplement (S3) will be published.

The name Syntarsus will always be associated with Megapnosaurus....>

Remarkable there's any need for 'comfort'.
'Syntarsus' is not a name hallowed by years of use and enjoyment, nor is it
very poetic.
It's not like trying to change 'thundering dino', the second best known and
loved dino name ever, to 'leftovers'.
I do like the humorous assertiveness of 'big dead lizard', though 'big dead
dino' is better, takes away the implication that dinos are lizards
(reptiles); that and birds as dino descendants (or antecedents) are the two
greatest paleontological achievements of the past 30 years...