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New papers and on-line collections

(Warning: theropods mentioned in the following post)

I just received my copy of Journal of Paleontology. . .a few nice articles,
one of which has already been mentioned on list.

HP Holtz posted the Alamosaurus article earlier this month, when the on-line
version was available.

Lehman, T. M., and A. B. Coulson. 2002. A juvenile specimen of Alamosaurus
sanjuanensis from the Upper Cretaceous of Big Bend National Park, Texas.
Journal of Paleontology 76(1):156-172.

Already mentioned on-list.

Brinkman, D. B. and A. G. Neuman. 2002. Teleost centra from uppermost Judith
River Group (Dinosaur Park Formation, Campanian) of Alberta, Canada. Journal
of Paleontology 76(1): 138-155.

Not dinosaur, but related to Judith River paleecology. Rather than naming
new taxa, Brinkman and Neuman concentrate on morphological groups. They
identify at least 15 teleost morphogroups--way more teleosts than you've
seen described before from that formation. As they point out, it illustrates
the importance of considering even disarticulated fish material.

Cione, A. L. and G. V. R. Prasad. 2002. The oldest known catfish (Teleostei:
Siluriformes) from Asia (India, Late Cretaceous). Journal of Paleontology
76(1): 190-193.

Self-explanatory. . .identified on the basis of a spine.

Also, the journal announced that the University of Wyoming's collection
catalogue is up on the net! http://paleo.gg.uwyo.edu.


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