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Dear All,
A note of caution on "Agnosphytis". Let's not get too attached to this spelling (or its pronunciation) until we know this is what the authors intended. The other spelling "Agnostiphys" makes even more sense to me. Greek "agnosti + phys", meaning something like "uncertain nature or form".
I hope so, because I think it would be easier to pronounce and spell. And it also sounds less "botanical". We shall see.
------ Cheers, Ken

Jaime A. Headden wrote:
Food for thought ... nice Greek name, though:

  *Agnosphytis cromhallensis* :: *Agnosphytis* > _agnos-_ (Grk.) unknown,
lacking knowledge of > _a-_ (Grk.) not, without + _gnosein_ (Grk.) to know
+ _phytis_ (Grk.) > _phyte_ (Grk.) plant (or part thereof, as in branch,
stem, etc.). *cromhallensis* > Cromhall (region where the holotype was
discovered) + _-ensis_ (Lat.) masculine locational genitive.
  *Agnosphytis cromhallensis* may be translated as "unknown branch from

I think the pronounciation goes "AHG-nohs-FYE-tihs" ... but I could be wrong.

Jaime A. Headden

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