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Re: Help me! (China fossils catalog & Video)

Ralph W. Miller wrote on 01/18/2002:

>> The Fuhlrott Museum is hosting a traveling exhibition, "Fossil Treasures From
China," ("Fossile Schatze Chinas" in German) from April 2001 until February
2002.  The exhibition features fossils and models representing both the
Chengjiang fauna (famous for its exquisite Cambrian fossils) and the Jehol
biota (the feathered dinosaur and _Confuciusornis_ assemblage). ...

The Fuhlrott Museum Shop is also selling "Fossil Treasures From China"
exhibition catalogs, videos, postcards, and posters.  These are mentioned at
<www.fuhlrott-museum.de/fuhlwebsite/Museumsshop.html> (when you click on
"Bucher, Kataloge," "Videos," etc.).  I desperately want to buy the catalog, a
VHS video, a set of postcards, and a poster, but the web site doesn't give
ordering information, and my e-mail to the museum (written in English) has
received no answer.<<

The Fuhlrott Museum is in Wuppertal, a town which is 270 kilometers from my hometown Bremen. At 4 pm (local german time) I just telephoned  with the museum. The office was already closed, so I have to try again at an earlier time. BTW the exhibition runs until the end of March 2002.

I don't know if I will be able to get there personally, but at least I hope to be able to get the exhibition catalog by postal service. If there's any DML list member interested in getting some (easily shippable) items from this exhibition he may contact me offlist at HPBredow@AOL.COM (not at HPB1956@AOL.COM). Attention please: I make no promises because I don't know how this develops. But I'll try.


Heinz Peter Bredow

P.S.: Sorry for the convoluted English.