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RE: Correction to RE: Syntarsus says farewell...

Mickey Mortimer wrote:

>Now, now Tim.  You're not being quite fair there.  

I know, I know.  I'm just a diehard cynic.

>We ALSO have one
>species with good evidence of sexual dimorphism (though which sex
>corresponds to which morph is unknown).  

The idea of sexual dimorphism for the Ghost Ranch _Coelophysis bauri_ has
been disputed.  I'll try and rustle up the references.  Might be an SVP
abstract on it.

>And we have evidence of cannibalism of young
>in that species (sort of a brooding behavior).  

Ah yes - but as discussed on this list (as David and Rob mentioned), the big
_Coelophysis_ may be lying on top of the bubba _Coelophysis_.  I don't think
this has been published yet.  I remember seeing these specimens at the AMNH,
but I didn't pay very close attention.

>Finally, there's the
>phylogenetic bracket between living crocodilians and birds we can depend
>on to provide precise data, as the reproductive strategies and brooding
>behavior of crocodilians and basal neornithines are so very similar.  

This is pretty broad; we know nothing specific about early Mesozoic
theropods.  For all we know, the Ghost Ranch site may preserve a
_Coelophysis_ Bacchanalia.

>Oh yes, this flood of untapped data will no doubt bring forth a new era >of
dinosaurian study, to rival the renaissance of the 1970's.  Hell, why >am I
researching coelurosaur phylogeny when I can be examining the >courting
behavior of Alwalkeria in their natural habitat?  Off to the >field!  ;-)

Knock yourself out Mickey.  :-)  Try and collect some dinosaur pheromones
while you're out there.



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