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Re: dinosaur@usc.edu

>     From my partially redone analysis-
> 37. triradiate quadratojugal
>  0- [...]
>  Archaeopteryx (Elzanowski and Wellnhofer, 1996)
>  [...]
>  1- Erlikosaurus (Clark et al., 1994)
>  [...]

Thanks a lot. :-) The new *Sinornithosaurus* paper cites E & W 1996 _for_
that feature in Archie, though, and in some (not all) figures in the latter
paper the quadratojugals do look fully triradiate. I'll have a look at
*Erlikosaurus*, but so far this character (by itself) looks a lot like an
autapomorphy of a clade that includes Archie and the "dromaeosaurs" but not