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true semilunate on one side??

I don't understand why Tim is arguing about how "easy" or difficult coming up with an osteological definition will be. I looked at my post, and I didn't use the word "easy" in there at all. That's just a strawman argument that is very easily dismissed, as I never said it was going to be easy. And that Simpson regarded Mammalia as polyphyletic doesn't reflect the viewpoint of all mammalogists from that time (not even close).
**However**, I would be interested in hearing more about the species or specimen which Tom Holtz alluded to, which supposedly would have a maniraptor-type "true" semilunate carpal on one forelimb, but not the other. Sounds like it is either very badly preserved or a peculiar genetic oddity. I assume it is probably a member of a fairly basal group of maniraptors. Sounds interesting.
------ Cheers, Ken

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