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Re: "Evolution of Dinosaurs in Art"

On Tue, 05 Feb 2002 11:33:06  
 Jordan Mallon wrote:
>Any one know anything about the book "Evolution of Dinosaurs in Art"?  
>According to Amazon.com, it was released last month, but I haven't heard 
>anything other than what the site mentions.  Sounds like it might be an 
>interesting read.

This, along with Spencer Lucas' _Chinese Fossil Vertebrates_ (which I mentioned 
yesterday), and HP Gred Paul's new volume should be one of the most important 
paleo books published this year.  _Paleoimagery_ (the book to which Jordan 
alludes) is largely a compilation of previously-published works by Allen and 
Diane Debus, although there will be some new material. Both Allen and Diane 
often publish their excellent articles (many of which deal with the history of 
paleo art) in Fossil News, Prehistoric Times, Dinosaur World, etc.  

I'm looking forward to reading this book...but, as Dan Varner pointed out, it 
won't be available until May (granted that the schedule is kept...and last word 
said that the book should be out in time).


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