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Kakuru question

Having just completed a new (and highly fanciful of course)
reconstruction of Kakuru kujani...
...I have just come across an interesting quote from Ralph Molnar's
"Fossil Reptiles in Australia" article in "Vertebrate Palaeontology of
Australasia" concerning the Kakuru tibia:

        ...it was possible to determine that this astragalus differed
        significantly from that of any other theropod (but one, and
        that yet to be studied). ...

Since Avimimus was already discussed in the article, does anyone know
off hand which theropod HP Molnar was refering to? If it was written in
the late 1980s / early 1990s, with the latest referenced date in the
addendum 1991, I'm assuming the mystery theropod has since been studied.
Obviously HP Molnar would know, but I believe he has left our sunny
southern shores, and I haven't noticed any posts by him to the list in
recent times. Does anyone have any clues? 


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