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RE: Kakuru question

<<Since Avimimus was already discussed in the article, does anyone know
off hand which theropod HP Molnar was refering to? If it was written in
the late 1980s / early 1990s, with the latest referenced date in the
addendum 1991, I'm assuming the mystery theropod has since been studied.
Obviously HP Molnar would know, but I believe he has left our sunny
southern shores, and I haven't noticed any posts by him to the list in
recent times. Does anyone have any clues?>>

Dr. Molnar has retired to Flagstaff, AZ, and is a research associate of the
Museum of Nothern Arizona.  He currently does not subscribe to the list, but
I will foreward him your question. The only publication I know of is from
1980, and in there he compares the astragalus to that of other theropods.

Molnar, Ralph E. and N.S. Pledge. 1980. A new theropod dinosaur from South
Australia. Alcheringa 4: 281-287.

Randall Irmis