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Revised *classification* of Aves

Dear All,
      As a followup to my earlier posting this morning, I present below my updated classification of Class AVES sensu lato. It is an apomorphy-based taxon that is *approximately* equivalent to Sereno's "Maniraptora" (but he excluded Mononykiformes). It is more restricted than the official stem-based Maniraptora (which probably includes segnosaurians, Coelurus, and Alvarezsaurus). And since most birds do not "manuraptor" their food, it is certainly a totally inappropriate name for the entire Class anyway. What was once called Aves is virtually identical to the cladistic Avialae (which begins at Rahonavis or Archaeopterygidae; i.e. node 6 or 7 in Order Archaeopterygiformes below).
     Plesion Alvarezsaurus is joining segnosauria as being preliminarily ejected from Class Aves. If there is any really good evidence that it belongs in Class Aves, I would like to hear of it. Alvarezsaurus appears to be an ornithomime-segnosaurian "grade" form, along with Coelurus.
      Also note that I have added more plesia to Order Archaeopterygiformes and to the euornithes clade. And Bagaraatan has been added as well. Order Caenagnathiformes has been tightened up a bit. (Once again note that Pl. is my abbreviation for Plesion):
1 Plesion Protarchaeopteryx
? Pl. Caudipteryx
2 Caenagnathiformes Cracraft, 1971
        1 Pl. Microvenator
        2 Pl. Nomingia
        3 Caenagnathidae
        4 Oviraptoridae
? Pl. Avimimidae
3 Mononykiformes Kinman, 1994
        1 Patagonykidae
        2 Parvicursoridae
        3 Mononykidae
? Pl. Bagaraatan
4 Pl. Troodontidae
5 Archaeopterygiformes
        1 "utahraptorid" family
        2 Pl. Pyroraptor
        3 Pl. Bambiraptor
        B Velociraptoridae
        C Dromaeosauridae
        4 Pl. Sinornithosaurus
        ? Pl. Unenlagia
        5 Pl. Microraptor
        6 Pl. Rahonavis
        7 Archaeopterygidae
        8 Yandangornithidae
        9 Pl. Sapeornis
       10 Confuciusornithidae
11 Pl. Protopteryx
12 Longipterygidae
13 Pl. Jibeina
? Pl. Hulsanpes
       14 Pl. Boluochia
B Iberomesornithidae
15 Enantiornithidae
B Gobipterygidae
       16 {{Euornithes}} (Vorona, etc.)
_1_ Plesion Vorona
2 Patagopterygiformes
? Pl. Yanornis
3 Chaoyangiiformes
4 Pl. Apsaravis
5 Hesperornithiformes
6 Ambiortiformes
7 Ichthyornithiformes
8 Pl. Limenavis
9 Lithornithiformes
10 Tinamiformes
_a_ Struthioniformes (ratites)
11 Galliformes
         .....other neognath orders

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