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RE: Revised *classification* of Aves

Ken Kinman wrote:

>And since most birds do not "manuraptor" their food, it is certainly a
>totally inappropriate name for the entire Class anyway.

For reasons too numerous to mention, I found the above statement extremely

>Plesion Alvarezsaurus is joining segnosauria as being preliminarily
>ejected from Class Aves.  

"...AND STAY OUT!!!"  *CRASH*  A forlorn-looking _Alvarezsaurus_ picking
himself up out of a pile of trash cans...

>If there is any really good evidence that it 
>belongs in Class Aves, I would like to hear of it.  

Well, there has been a few published papers that explicitly link
_Alvarezsaurus_ to _Patagonykus_ and mononykines.  But these studies are
probably totally irrelevant to your classification, since they employ
rigorous scientific analysis and first-hand examination of specimens.  

I'm increasingly coming around to Ken's belief that it's so much easier just
to use one's own intuition when constructing phylogenies.  Reading (never
mind actually comprehending!) technical literature is so over-rated.  And
who really cares what people like Luis Chiappe thinks?  He's only a
world-respected paleornithologist after all.

>Alvarezsaurus appears to 
>be an ornithomime-segnosaurian "grade" form, along with Coelurus.

*sigh*  I give up.




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