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RE: New AVES definition refined (more testable?)

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Subject: Re: New AVES definition refined (more testable?)

While not as important as Tracy would have you believe, seeing the specimens
has definite advantages and should make you trust their analyses more than
mine if anything."<<

Ok, I have to de lurk and defend myself. What are you saying I said? I've
never ever said, and never ever will say, not looking at specimens is better
than looking at specimens! Ken Carpenter has told me this, and others and he
is right. I've NEVER said it isn't important. Please explain your assumption
of what I've assumable said or you believe I meant.

>>However, in truth, this probably does not influence phylogenetic analyses
much as you might think.  Assuming I base my character codings on the
professionals' illustrations<<

You really should tell this to Ken Carpenter, I'd bet he'd have something to
say about that comment :)

 descriptions and data matrices, I'm no worse
off than they are. <<

Really? Hmmm....

 After all, they based their statements and illustrations
on observing the specimen<<

Key comment, observing the specimen. The illustrations are only a 'tool' of
their research.

 >>so I can presumedly trust those codings.<<

Right, and it's something everyone has to do, because they SHOULD have done
that correctly, and that is assumed. The same with illustrations, and I do
my best to be as accurate as possible, but it's not the same as looking at
the specimen. I'm noticing how some detail is missed in illustrations. Just
look at the early Tyrannosaurus skull drawings and they don't show the
indentation in front of the antorbital fenestra, or the correct orbit in
many hadrosaurs. Just makes me want to do more illustrations.

Back to lurking.

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