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Hi all

Re: _Agnosphitys_ vs _Agnostiphys_

Ken wrote...

> A note of caution on "Agnosphytis".  Let's not get too attached
> to this spelling (or its pronunciation) until we know this is what the authors
> intended.  The other spelling "Agnostiphys" makes even more sense to
> me.  Greek "agnosti + phys", meaning something like "uncertain nature
> or form".

I asked Nick Fraser and he said that _Agnosphitys_ was the name they 
intented to use.

Incidentally, new big paper on mastodonsauroid temnospondyls in the 
current issue of _Zool. J. Linn. Soc._. Several new genera and new 
combinations. Nice paper on mantellid frogs in the same issue.

Damiani, R. J. 2001. A systematic revision and phylogenetic analysis 
of Triassic mastondonsauroids (Temnospondyli: Stereospondyli). 
_Zool. J. Linn. Soc._ 133, 379-482.

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