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utahraptor conemporaries and more

can anyone give me a little info on utahraptor's environment? it's contemporaries? i need help for a series of illustrations. if you have any links or photos please e-mail me.

can anyone send me info on the unnamed brachiosaur i've heard that coexisted with utahraptor? as well as eolambia, and the unnamed iguanodont, ankylosaur, nodosaur, and dromaesaur?

were acrocanthosaurus, astrodon, and euhelopus contemporaries? if so, i'd appreciate any information on astrodon and euhelopus as well as links or photos of fossils or skeletal reconstructions.

also, regarding utahraptor, the few bits of the skull that were found that i've seen are from the dentary. how does the morphology of the skull compare to deinonychus, velociraptor and other dromaesaurs? is the skull deeper? is it upturned or does it slope down as deinonychus' apparently did?

sorry about the barrage of questions, i know i'm asking for a lot, but i appreciate it!


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