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Re: utahraptor conemporaries and more

In a message dated 2/8/02 7:15:06 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
aspidel@wanadoo.be writes:

> > can anyone send me info on the unnamed brachiosaur i've heard that 
> coexisted 
>  > with utahraptor? as well as eolambia, and the unnamed iguanodont, 
>  > ankylosaur, nodosaur, and dromaesaur?
>  > 
>  Go also here: 
>  http://www.ceu.edu/museum/discoverys.htm

The iguanodont is _Planicoxa venenica_; the brachiosaur (?) is _Venenosaurus 
dicrocei_; the ankylosaurid is _Cedarpelta bilbeyhallorum_.  The nodosaur 
remains unnamed.  Try looking for these names in the archives:



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