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Re: .577 tyrannosaur

Kewl! Bigger than an elephant round. I wonder if it wouldn't be overkill 
against rex's relatively thin bones? Seems like a head-shot with a fifty 
caliber would already be enough to splatter rex braincase all over the 
   I'll try to write a .577 into the third book of my Dinosaur Wars series. 
Because the saga takes place in present-time, such details are always useful. 
Who makes the round? I was thinking of writing of a former Texas governor out 
hunting Triceratops, when he's surprised and chomped by the Big T himself.
P.S. I'll be announcing the availability of the second book, Dinosaus Wars: 
Counterattack sometime real soon. I've got a preliminary copy on my desk. It 
has up-close and personal appearances by rex, megaraptors, bristle-covered 
pachyrhinosaurs, mosasaurs and a passle of other Late Cretaceous beasties. 
For those who indulge in fictional dinos, get ready!

Thomas P. Hopp, PhD
Author of DINOSAUR WARS, a science fiction novel published by iUniverse
Now Humans are the Endangered Species!  http://members.aol.com/dinosaurwars