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Re: Confuciusornithids are Oviraptorids ;-)

> Well, David, I don't know if this is exactly what you are looking for, but
Chiappe (2001) defined the clade in the Ostrom Symposium volume.

No sooner? Is the power of Internet chatter so strong that everyone has just
accepted it out of nowhere since 1999? Does he cite anything?
What's the precise definition? {*Confuciusornis* + Neornithes}?

> He diagnosed Pygostylia by using [...] the presence of a pygostyle (!),

Aw. Just before *Sapeornis* was published.

> I also believe Chatterjee (1997...in his book) may have mentioned a clade
Pygostylia, but I doubt he defined it.

He didn't define it and used it in a different way.