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Giganotosaurus size confusion ...

I am quite confused with the size of _Giganotosaurus
carolinii_. I've been able to scrounge up some information,
but all from different and questionable reliable sources
(And alot of them contradict themselves, but my main problem
is when I see differences between two surely "reliable"
sources. And that happened a few days ago ...).

I am aware that the femur of the type specimen of
_G.carolinii_ is 1440 mm. But what is the LENGHT of this
specimen ? According to "A new specimen of Acrocanthosaurus"
By Phil Currie, there is a specimen being 12.2 metres long.
But most sources state that the so called "type specimen" is
14.3 metres long. Is the type specimen the 12.2 or 14.3 m
long one ?
And supposedly another specimen is 8% bigger (8% more
massive or longer?). The skull is said to be 1.60 metres
(But said to be "estimated") for the 12.2 m individual but
I've also heard of 1.70 metres ... Also according to
Currie's paper, the 12.2 m specimen is estimated at
weighting 4,160 kg, but Thomas Holtz said it's mass was
estimated at 6-8 tons (metric?).

The proportions are importent to me ... for example, the
basic messurements (Height at top of the ilium, skull
lenght, leg bones lenght, weight estimate). The main problem
with internet sources is you never know WHICH specimen they
are refering to, so I was wondering if you could help me ...
(most sources don't mention the hip/ilium height).

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