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RE: polyphyletic Alvarezsauria assemblage

Oh, I can stand the heat. That is no problem. But I'm still going to respond to inaccurate and unconstructive criticisms, such as the implication that my phylogenies are 100% intuitive ("gut feeling" only). You make it sound like I'm using ESP or a Quija Board to make my decisions.
I certainly think Feduccia's approach is way too intuitive, but I would never say it's 100% intuitive. He's put in a lot of years of hard work too, and dismissing all of his ideas without even considering them would be ill-advised. I think he is way too criticical of cladistic analysis, but I certainly understand why he thinks that way. Neither extreme (Zero% intuition or 100% intuition) is going to get a scientist anywhere. But I don't think a Sereno-esque approach (that is more intuitive) has to be a bad thing. It's all part of the "checks and balances" of the scientific process, and it always has been. I'm no Sereno, but I'm certainly not a Feducciary either (not even close).
----- Cheers, Ken
Tim Williams wrote:
If you can't stand the heat...  ;-)

I have heckled "from the peanut gallery" for one reason.  "Gut-feeling"
(i.e. 100 % intuitive) phylogenies are an affront to the huge amount of
time, effort and money spent by paleontologists and evolutionary biologists
in studying relationships between taxa.

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