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Re: Giganotosaurus size confusion ...

dexter dexter wrote-

> I am aware that the femur of the type specimen of
> _G.carolinii_ is 1440 mm. But what is the LENGHT of this
> specimen ?
> And supposedly another specimen is 8% bigger (8% more
> massive or longer?). The skull is said to be 1.60 metres
> (But said to be "estimated") for the 12.2 m individual but
> I've also heard of 1.70 metres ... Also according to
> Currie's paper, the 12.2 m specimen is estimated at
> weighting 4,160 kg, but Thomas Holtz said it's mass was
> estimated at 6-8 tons (metric?).

The skeletal reconstructions of Coria and Salgado (1995) and Paul in
Brett-Surman (1997) indicate a length of 12.5 meters for the holotype
(MUCPv-CH-1).  The larger specimen is a partial dentary (MUCPv-95; Calvo and
Coria, 2000) that is 8% larger, indicating an animal about 13.5 meters long.
Although Coria and Salgado originally estimated the skull length of the
holotype at 1.53 meters, Calvo and Coria's newer estimate is 1.8 meters.
This makes the larger specimens skull about 1.95 meters.  I think 5 tons for
the holotype and 6.2 tons for the larger specimen are good estimates using
Allosaurus as a guide.

Mickey Mortimer