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Re: Stealing art (was: Dicraeosaurus)

This is a VERY GOOD question. Which other possibilities could have a new amateur paleoaertist to make his first artwork? I let you imagine if someone has to email a museum, a paleontologist... to use the photo of a skeleton or a skeletal reconstruction as a model.
Just food for thought... and apologies to have posted the asiatic link.
Friendly - Luc J. "Aspidel" BAILLY.
From: Morgan Churchill
I always wondered, if one uses a skeletal reconstruction, including the animals posture, limb placement, ect..., and "fleshes" the skeletal reconstruction out, to get what the animal may have looked like, is this considered "stealing"?  I used a skeleton of Clevosaurus from Early mesozoic tetrapods for a reconstruction, and cited that the picture was based on that skeleton.