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Re: Stealing art (was: Dicraeosaurus)

In a message dated 2/10/02 12:25:01 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
mmcjawa@yahoo.com writes:

<< I always wondered, if one uses a skeletal reconstruction, including the 
animals posture, limb placement, ect..., and "fleshes" the skeletal 
reconstruction out, to get what the animal may have looked like, is this 
considered "stealing"?  >>

       No, I do not believe that constitutes stealing. The purpose of the 
skeletal reconstruction is to inform and educate. Fleshing it out takes it 
another step further and the artwork becomes something altogether different. 
The use of Greg Paul's drawings at the Korean site are in violation of 
copyright unless, of course, Greg has given his permission (although I can't 
imagine why he would change his signature). We had this problem about a year 
ago from a website in Thailand, I believe, but that was quickly rectified.
My work has frequently been ripped-off by fossil dealers since mosasaur teeth 
(especially from Morocco) are a popular commodity. They can be very 
unpleasant when they are caught (both the dealers and the mosasaurs). DV