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Oldest Dino Vomit Found

Ichthyosaur vomit actually.

The article sez other dino vomit has been found. Ok, I'm curious - any

Full link

Link in two parts

LONDON (Reuters) - British scientistssaid Monday they had discovered what
they believed to be the world's oldest fossilized vomit from a large
marine reptile that lived 160 million years ago.

Professor Peter Doyle of the University of Greenwich in London said the
vomit found in a clay quarry in northern England shed new light on the
diet and eating habits of the ichthyosaur -- a Jurassic Age fish-like
reptile with a long head, tapered body and four flippers.

"We believe that this is the first time the existence of fossil vomit on a
grand scale has been proven beyond reasonable doubt," Doyle said.

Other examples of fossilized vomit have been discovered, but Doyle and Dr
Jason Wood of Britain's Open University said their sample was the oldest.

The vomit contains the shells of dozens of belemnites, tiny shellfish that
were found in abundance in the water around Britain. They were a staple
food for extinct marine reptiles.

The scientists are convinced the sample is vomit because of the way the
belemnite shells were scattered in the fossilized sample. A microscopic
examination also showed the shells had been etched by stomach acid from
the digestive fluid of the marine creatures.