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Gnawed to the Bone Dinosaur Corruption, Runaround Sues, Jurassic Age Dinosaur Vomit

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**  Scientists find Jurassic Age dinosaur vomit    The vomit contains the
shells of dozens of belemnites, tiny shellfish that were found in abundance
in the water around Britain

**  Dinosaurs Born to Run, Scientists Say
They were huge, lumbering and certainly not the most graceful of creatures,
but when they had to dinosaurs sure could run

**  Rare trove of fossilized jellyfish found in Wisconsin
The jellyfish, up to 3 feet in diameter, are some of the largest known
fossils from the Cambrian period, when life in the world's oceans exploded
in a frenzy of diversity

**  Find lifts SA dino family
Museum palaeontologist Ben Kear said the new dinosaur bones - found at
Andamooka and Coober Pedy - were most likely examples of "bloat and float"

**  Unique Creatures From Russia's Vaults
Too tall to fit elsewhere, the terrifying Tyrannosaurus bataar and daunting
seven-metre-high Saurolophus angustirostris guard the entrance to the show.
( see also Gnawed to the Bone - below )

**  Dinosaur exhibit to be part of doubled display space
The new hall will make Baltimore's science center the first in the country
to mount a major exhibit on East Coast dinosaurs


**  Gnawed to the bone
Dinosaurs are big business, especially in a country like Russia where
controls are lax and corruption is widespread

**  If T. rex fell, how did it get up, given its tiny arms and low center of
Several theories, including some regarding the arms' role in raising these
animals from the ground, have long been kicked around

**  Prehistoric pine mystery solved
A small stand of this pine hidden away in the Wollemi wilderness has
survived ice ages, dinosaurs, the ravages of fire and even the breaking up
of the continents

**  Valley of the dinosaurs
Strangely, I am not the only person in the world for whom spending two weeks
on hands and knees in a desert constitutes having a good time

**  They're runaround Sues
Her popularity is such that three plastic Sue replicas attract similar
numbers to their own displays in museums and public locations in big cities
and small towns across the country

**  Rocky Roads
Paleontologist Michael Novacek finds fame - and dinosaur bones - in
far-flung places

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