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Ken Kinman wrote:
<<P.S.  By the way, now I understand why George and Tracy don't want to 
release their ideas about thyreophorans until they get a relatively 
air-tight case.  If you release your ideas piecemeal, it certainly leaves 
you wide open for having them picked apart and having the peanut gallery 
showering all manner of criticisms on you every step of the way.>>

The reason that I tend to give George and Tracy a hard time about their 
thyreophore ideas is because up until recently, not only were their ideas 
secret, but they had no hope of future publication.  This is changing however, 
and we should see something published soon- and because of that, I'll stop 
giving them a hard time (until after the paper is out anyway :-) ).

And by the way....  I think it's funny that Mr Kinman, of all people, has the 
gall to call legitimate students and professionals in the field of paleontology 
"the peanut gallery."

Pete Buchholz

PS: Many of you sent me personal email over the last week or two and I didn't 
respond.  Don't think I hate you, it's just that my mouse broke, and Gateway 
took their sweet time sending a new one my way.