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Irritator reconstruction

Hi fellow DML-members!
I have finally found some time to do some serious reconstructing and one of these results is, as the subject says already, a skull reconstruction of _Irritator_challengeri_. It is based on the skull-picture on the H.D. Sues-site and covers only the skull, since the lower jaw is too fragmentary to reconstruct with any certainty. Please contact me off-list if anyone wants the pic and feel free to do any commenting!
While reconstructing it, I stuck to the skull-shape that I mentioned a month earlier or so, that the skull slopes down near the quadrate area, which I believe is natural and not due to any crushing. Doing so, it nicely followed the rest of the skull remains and the curve upwards the lower jaw shows in the elements known from it.
Awaiting your response!
Rutger Jansma