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Re: Furbringer

Strange things happen with servers. This didn't arrive yesterday, even
though it got into my Sent folder with correct address and all:

> Furbringer - such a charming and evocative name in English, though
> signally inappropriate. (Then again, one thinks of birds of prey
> provisioning their young...). I take it the name is not quite as charming
> German?

Nope. Fürbringer (mind the 2 dots -- if you can't get ü into an e-mail,
write ue, likewise oe and ae) means, erm, er, looks as if it meant
"forbringer", yes, someone who brings for __. For whom, and what? We'll need
a detailed etymological study here.
        Wait, in ancient times they incessantly jumbled für ( = for) and vor
( = in front of, compare "before"). So he can be someone who brings
something hervor = out of something and to the light. Might be a good name
for a scientist :-)