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Gauthier and de Queiroz's Classification of Birds

I just received my copy of _New Perspectives on the Origin and Early
Evolution of Birds: Proceedings of the International Symposium in Honor of
John H. Ostrom_. Absolutely fantastic volume.

The first chapter is "Feathered dinosaurs, flying dinosaurs, crown
dinosaurs, and the name 'Aves'" by Jacques Gauthier and Kevin de Queiroz.
It's written according to recommendations in the draft PhyloCode (e.g.,
italicized clade names) and contains some interesting proposals. A summary
of the taxonomy presented (using shorthand notation suggested by the draft

_Panaves_ (new clade name) = Clade(_Vultur gryphus_ <-- _Crocodylus

_Avifilopluma_ (new clade name) = Clade("feathers" in _Vultur gryphus_)
("'Feathers' refers to hollow-based, filamentous, epidermal appendages
produced by follicles." Most other apomorphies used here are also
explained further.)

_Avialae_ = Clade("feathered wings used for powered flight" in _Vultur

_Carinatae_ = Clade("keeled sternum" in _Vultur gryphus_)

_Ornithurae = Clade("tail with pygostyle shorter than femur" in _Vultur

_Aves_ = Clade(_Struthio camelus_ + _Tetrao [Tinamus] major_ + _Vultur

_Palaeognathae_ = Clade(_Tetrao [Tinamus] major_ + _Struthio camelus_)
("Panpaleognathae" suggested for Clade(_Struthio camelus_, _Tetrao major_
<-- _Phasianus [Gallus] gallus_, _Vultur gryphus_).)

_Tinamidae_ = Clade(_Tetrao [_Tinamus_] major_ + all extant members of
Clade(_Tetrao [_Tinamus_] major_ <-- _Struthio camelus_, _Vultur
("Pantinamidae" suggested for Clade(_Tetrao major_ <-- _Struthio camelus_,
_Vultur gryphus_).)

_Ratitae_ = Clade(_Struthio camelus_ + all extant members of
Clade(_Struthio camelus_ <-- _Tetrao [Tinamus] major_, _Vultur gryphus_))
("Panratitae" suggested for Clade(_Struthio camelus_ <-- _Tetrao major_,
_Vultur gryphus_).)

_Neognathae_ = Clade(_Charadrius pluvialis_ (_Pluvialais apricaria_)_ +
all extant members of Clade(_Charadrius pluvialis_ <-- _Struthio camelus_,
_Tetrao [Tinamus] major_))
("Panneognathae" suggested for Clade(_Charadris pluvialis_ <-- _Struthio
camelus_, _Tetrao major_).)

_Galloanserae_ = Clade(_Phasianus [Gallus] gallus_ + _Anas [Anser] anser_)
("Pangalloanserae" suggested for Clade(_Phasianus gallus_, _Anas anser_
<-- _Fringilla domestica_).)

_Neoaves_ = Clade(_Fringilla domestica_ (_Passer domesticus_) + extant
members of Clade(_Fringilla domestica_ <-- _Phasianus gallus_, _Anas
("Panneoaves" suggested for Clade(_Fringilla domestica_ <-- _Phasianus
gallus_, _Anas anser_).)

I'm still formulating opinions, myself. There is a big emphasis on crown
clades and apomorphy-based clades, and every single stem-based clade
starts with "Pan-". (Some seem kind of unnecessary, e.g. why
"Pantinamidae" instead of Tinamiformes?)

Incidentally, _Vultur gryphus_ is apparently the first avian species
listed in Linnaeus' _Systema Naturae_, 10th edition, which is why it is
used as a specifier for so many taxa (not sure why _Charadrius pluvialis_
is used instead sometimes). Sounds good to me.

Looks like we got another competitor for the name of Clade(_Aves_ <--
_Crocodylia_)! DinoGeorge, how ya like _Panaves_? :) (Hmmm .. no mention
of a "Pancrocodylia"....)

The definitions for _Neognathae_, _Paleognathae_, etc. are kind of oddly
formed. I need to re-read PhyloCode, but I'm not sure they match its
requirements. Certainly an interesting method, though, and if PhyloCode
doesn't currently allow it, maybe it should?

Tons of interesting discussion in this chapter. No time to get into it
all right now.

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