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Re: Recoded Aves eliminates polyphyly

> The evidence he provided just confirmed what I was already
> suspecting---[...] I've repeatedly expressed my suspicions that
> was not a clade,

"According to [...] the arthropods have to be related to annelids because
the derivation of the arthrpod body form from the annelid-like one appears
to be more easily imaginable than from the priapulid-like morphology. _Any
possible_ phylogenetic pattern can be 'reconstructed' if one uses his/her
personal imagination, or its lack, as a proof."

_Italics_ in the original.
Jan Zrzavý: Ecdysozoa versus Articulata: clades, artifacts, prejudices, J.
Zool. Syst. Evol. Research 39, 159 -- 163 (2001)