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Hello people,

My new emailadress is Godslittletoy@home.nl
The old one (Bert.Dol@Philips.Com) is also still valid but send private emails 
to the adress above.

Bert 'Angel to some, demon to others' Dol
Grafisch Manager, Toolkeeper Grafische Applicaties en ook nog Fysisch analist-2 
(no particular order)
Analytical Laboratory
Philips Semiconductors Stadskanaal                         'Do, or do not. 
There is no try.'
The Netherlands                                                                 
      -  Yoda
Phone:  0031 599 632380/632306
Fax:        0031 599 632514
Mobile:  0031 620 440978

'I have the right to remain violent, anything I say or do will be used against 
you' - The Law Of Bert