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Re: Rebbachisaurus tamesnensis

dachande wrote-
> I am in search of some material regarding Rebbachisaurus, but so far I havent had luck on
> finding anything of real intrest or usefullness.If any of you have any skeletal reconstructions or > links to documents I would very much apriciate them!
"Rebbachisaurus" tamesnensis is not a species of Rebbachisaurus.  It's probably a basal macronarian like (or synonymous with) Jobaria.  I have the description, but it's in French, so I can't give a complete list of material.  Includes- anterior dentary, two teeth, dorsal vertebra, dorsal rib, proximal caudal centrum and transverse process, three mid caudal vertebrae, distal caudal vertebra?, chevron, two manual phalanges, ischium, four metatarsals, pedal phalanx, two pedal unguals.  Not much to base a reconstruction on.
Mickey Mortimer