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Re: names

As an astronomer I want correct the mistaken idea that stars named in the so called star registry are NOT Officially Recognized by any credible astronomical organization anywhere in the world, this registry is noting more than a scam!  Astronomical objects are named according to IAU guidelines and not the star registry.  I realize this has little to do with dinosaurs but I'm quite bothered by the level of misinformation that's be generated in regards to the naming of stars ect.

fabian Abu-Nasser wrote:

Just a quick question is it
a) ethical
b) sensible
to name a dinosaur after a person who gives money to support an expedition?
Or just plain gives money?    I know in some fields (like astronomy) there
is the Star Registry which for a fee one can name a star after anyone or
anything they like.  Is this a grey area- or can it/ has it been done in

Fabian Abu-Nasser

Also heard about a press release that there will be news in this weeks

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