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new book including Liaoning dino papers from Nature

I haven't seen this mentioned on the list.

Apparently the book includes 16 original papers from Nature, including those
describing feathered Liaoning dinosaurs.

While these papers may be separately available from libraries, this appears
to be an accessible summary of recent Chinese fossil discoveries.

I didn't hesitate and ordered a copy.


Gee, Henry, editor Rise of the Dragon: Readings from Nature on the Chinese
Fossil Record. With a Foreword by Zhe-Xi Luo. 256 p. (est.), 30 halftones,
42 line drawings, 24 tables. 2001 

Cloth $72.00 0-226-28490-5 Fall 2001 
Paper $30.00 0-226-28491-3 Fall 2001 

Over the past decade, fossil finds from China have stunned the world,
grabbing headlines and changing perceptions with a wealth of new
discoveries. Many of these finds were first announced to English speakers in
the journal Nature. Rise of the Dragon gathers together sixteen of these
original reports, some augmented with commentaries originally published in
Nature's "News and Views" section. 

Perhaps the best known of these new Chinese fossils are the famous feathered
dinosaurs from Liaoning Province, which may help end one of the most intense
debates in paleontology--whether birds evolved from dinosaurs. But other
finds have been just as spectacular, such as the minutely preserved (to the
cellular level) animal embryos of the 670 million-year-old Duoshantuo
phosphorites, or the world's oldest known fish, from the Chengjiang
formation in southwestern Yunnan Province. 

Rise of the Dragon makes descriptions and detailed discussions of these
important finds available in one convenient volume for paleontologists and
serious fossil fans. 


Gunter Van Acker