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Re: Pic of Dino Vomit oops!!

Sorry, the message was sent unintentionally truncated before I finished it!

I wanted to add that we carried out an extensive reseach upon feeding mechanisms in durophagous fishes comparing extant species with fossil ones and saw how extant one are able to pick, chew and spite out the shell of a mollusc while retaining the fleshy part. Then we compared the pattern of te ejected molluscs remain with fossil ones.
For those interested, email Andrea.Tintori@unimi.it.
Maybe ichtyosaurs may have behaved like "rammers" fishes rushing at belemnites and cutting off the guardwhen biting.
Some Tanystropheus specimens have apparently hooklets of belemnites in their belly, but no guards. Hard to envisage they vomited something as a normal procedure given their necks!
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