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Re: "Megapnosaurus" says farewell...

<< I have never quite understood why _Psittacosaurus_ has something like
seven or eight valid species, but _Coelophysis_, _Syntarsus_ (Raath),
_Eucoelophysis_, etc. were placed in separate genera.  It's aesthetic
philosophy, not science sensu stricto. >>

So far nobody has been able to come up with a consistent way to group
together the various species of Psittacosaurus. You either have x species or
x genera. They all look enough alike that the species level is considered
more appropriate.

just a note comment;
check the number of species to each genus among living animals, f.example. Corvus

it beats Psittacosaurus i tell ya;)

-Øyvind M. Padron
|-Amateur Palæontologist
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